Home Storage Solutions 101


Well, I’m at it again 😀 If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a stumbler.  If you’ve watched the video in the previous post titled Adult ADHD (with video), you may have a better understanding as to why.  I have a competitive nature and I love challenges, but staying on track with a challenge that lasts longer than a week seems to be difficult for me.  Yes, I am a stumbler, but I am also tenacious, which means that I will always get back up and try again.  It’s kind of like getting fulfillment from running into a wall over and over, but until I find something that helps me break through that wall, this is how I roll 🙂

52 Week Organized Home ChallengeAnywho…I’ve found a site with a fantastic organization challenge.  It’s called Home Storage Solutions 101.  The author offers a 52 week step-by-step organizing to-do list.  The benefit to me is that she offers weekly email prompts.  I’ve also downloaded her calendar with daily missions.  She also offers printables & check lists, which I LOVE.  So, beginning today, I am going to take her hand, and let her lead me through this process, that I want to accomplish so much.


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