52 Week Organization Challenge – Day 1


Welcome to Tackle It Tuesday!  It’s my first day doing this 52 week challenge.  This week’s challenge is to Organize Coupons.  Since I don’t collect coupons, this mission is lost on me.  I assumed there would be weeks like this, which is why I have my daily mission calendar as a backup system.  This way, I can do missions that are essential even if it’s not the day for it.  Today, I’ve chosen to do the January1st mission.

January 1:  Set up a donation and selling collection station

This is fantastic, because it’s exactly what I NEED to do regarding the amount of clothes in my home.  Well, off I go!  I’ll post before and after pics for your entertainment as I go along, so feel free to check back here throughout the day 😀

IMG_4865_small IMG_4897_smallIMG_5151

It doesn’t look all that impressive in the pictures, but I actually sorted through a whole lot of clothes – 1 bag is going to the MCC, and the 2 bins in the closet are going to be sold.  Then I hung up Kaleb and Kayden’s clothes that currently fit them.  This is taking a while today, because it’s so cold today that school was cancelled, so Kailer has a friend over, which means I have 4 kiddos at home instead of the usual 2, and Kayden’s cranky, which adds nicely to the chaos 😀

The closet is almost perfected.  The bin on the right is clothes that need to be sold, and I’m going to put Kayden’s clothes in the dresser instead of cramming both boys’ clothes in the closet.


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