Adult ADHD (with video)


Yesterday I came across this lecture by Dr Russell Barkley.  I respect this man’s research into ADHD, and the wonderful way he teaches.  I’ve watched his other videos on childhood ADHD, and it opened my eyes in a big way as to what my Kailer goes through on a daily basis, and I became far more compassionate.

For years I’ve felt like a complete life failure, but putting what I feel into words was the hard part.  The only way I could explain it is that I’m at point A, trying to get to point C, but there’s just no point B, so I remain stuck.  Dr. Barkley has take everything I feel and go through, and put it into words in a way that I even understand myself more.  It’s absolutely fantastic!  Currently, I look at myself as a failure, but after watching this video, I feel hopeful.  I’m excited when I think about what my life could look like if I could follow through, and accomplish even half of the things I want to do.  Finally, thereès hope 🙂


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