14 Days Of Valentines – Days 1-4


Alright, so today is the 4th day of February, and more importantly, the 4th day of my 14 Days Of February project.  Yes, I am going to attempt yet another project.  I began small:

Day 1:  Encourage Mike on purpose sincerely, whenever I get a chanceThis was a lot of fun, and I felt blessed each time I said these things out loud, because it also made me extra thankful for those qualities in him.

Day 2:  Compliment Mike, and tell him why I chose to adore that qualityAlthough Mike portrays confidence, he is insacure about some things.  So this day on top of complimenting him on things he knows he’s good at, I made a point of complimenting him on his qualities as a husband and father, and also his physical atributes.  His cute little sheepish grins were awesine ti see.  It felt really great to honor my husband like that.

Day 3:  Do things for him that I KNOW  he appreciatesThis day, I chose to play with his hair while we drove home from the city.  I used to do this, and it completely relaxes and destresses him.  I used to do it when we were dating and we had a small compact car.  I stopped when we got a van, because it was awkward to reach across to him.  But now that we have a car, I find it easier to do again, and know ing he enjoys it so much is insentive enough  🙂

Day 4:  I choose to do something for him that he appreciates, even though I don’t want to.Today, I’m cleaning the house.  This is one of my weak areas as a wife, but it’s really important, and more than that, it makes Mike so happy.  So off I go to clean.  Ug  🙂

I didn’t want to commit to this project, because of my track record with these types of projects.  After my last doctor appointment, I’m going to try really hard to fight the failure.  He did a mini ADHD test, and I answered YES to each question  😦  I felt horrible.  Am I forgetful, don’t complete tasks, lose things, am unorganized, drift off in though…It was really hard having to sit there and realize something is wrong, and I myself may not have the copassity to fix it at this time.  I’m working on it though 🙂  I wasn’t going to post about this procect, but it’s only 14 days, so I should be able to complete this one.  Besides, it’s for Mike, and that’s enough to keep me on track…I hope 🙂

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