Sent Home…Again


So…my Kailer was just sent home from school.  They were having a terrible time with him there.  He kicked the resource teacher and swore at her, and he refused to do any amount of work.  They said it was absolutely pointless for him to stay at school, so home he came.

He’s sitting at the dining room table right now quietly doing the division math work he didn’t do in school.  Seriously?!  Apparently he’s like Jekyll and Hyde.  The odd thing is that Kailer wouldn’t dare act at home the way he does at school, because we have immediate consequences, and we aren’t polite about our warnings either.  So even our verbal reprimands and warnings are seen as consequences.  This is just one more situation that solidifies my decision to homeschool him.

Mike and I will be sitting down this evening to have an in-depth conversation about this.


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