I am a woman of faith, passion and mercy.  More often than not, these are seen as positive attributes, because my one real weakness is that I’m non-confrontational.  I’m a people-pleaser, and too often, that’s caused me to bend to the will or emotion of others rather than staying true to my convictions.  Three things I refuse to budge on though are my faith, my marriage and my children.

Jan 7 2012-KaiYesterday I received a long email from Kailer’s teacher about his day.  The day was really rough and full of bad language, disrespect and general conflict on Kailer’s part.  At home, Kailer can be hyper and exhausting, but doesn’t act at home the way he does at school.  This tells me that there’s something about the school day structure that Kailer’s unable to cope with, due to him having ADHD.  He’s been suspended so many times since kindergarten, and now due to this no-fail policy they’ve implemented in our schools, there’s really no consequence to not doing the work.  Kailer’s such an amazing kid with so much compassion and potential, but it’s being snuffed out, because he’s having to try to mold to what the public school system expects him to be, and at the end of each day, he’s failed.  It’s really tough on him, and he’s only in the fourth grade.

Grade five marks the beginning of the middle school years, and it’s something that I’m secretly dreading for Kailer.  So I’ve decided to be pro-active, and homeschool Kailer.  Yep, that’s right.  This is my child, and I feel an urgency about being key in the process of teaching him what kind of man he should be.  The one person standing in my way right now is my Mike.  He doesn’t really see the problems with our school system, and thinks the issue is just Kailer’s behavior.  If Kailer would behave, everything would be fine.  In theory, that sounds simple enough, but in reality, ADHD can be a pretty debilitating disorder if it’s not taken seriously.  Expecting Kailer to learn and react like every other child is illogical.  I know my son, and I do feel homeschooling – although tricky and potentially exhausting, is the best rout for Kailer.  Mike and I will continue to discuss this matter, but it’s a big deal, so opinions are more than welcomed  🙂


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