The Caffeine-Garbage Bag Combo & UPDATE


Kayden’s sleeping during his first nap time right now, and my caffeine his kicked in in a big way 😀  I’ve vowed to myself to declutter my house of clothing today, and I can hardly wait for Kayden to wake up, so I can get into his room.  Till now, I’ve stored most of these clothes, in hopes of selling them, having any younger siblings wear them in the future, or me slimming down to fit them.  Now I’m tired of storing the clothes, and am ready to detach my emotions and get rid of them.  I’m going room by room and just tossing the clothes into garbage bags and putting the bags into the entrance so that I can put the bags into the car when Mike gets home.  Then, on Saturday when I go to MCC to buy some bigger clothes for Kayden, I’ll drop off the bags.  I’m hoping my entrance will be packed full of garbage bags… 🙂

This year, my goal is to be proactive in becoming the woman I have the potential to be.  I know I can be so much more than I am, and I’m excited to see what this year holds for me 😀

UPDATE:I managed to sort a whole lot of clothes, and have 3 garbage bags ready for MCC!  😀


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