The Kitten Conflict: Resolved :D


Mike just drove off to work, and left a very relieved wife at home.  We had some time to talk about the situation with the kitten, and he finally agreed that it’s worth a try, for Kailer’s sake  🙂

I haven’t told Kailer yet.  I’m going to tell him that I want him to have a really good day at school, because Dad and I want to give him an early Christmas gift after school.  It’ll give him an incentive to behave the best he can.

I’m so relieved and excited, and it actually kinnda surprises me how excited I really am about this.  I’m going to ask Mike to pick up the food and litter after school, as well as a bow to put on the kitten.  Since Kailer always goes to his friend’s house for about 2 hours after school, I’ll use that time to pack up the little ones and go with Mike to pick up the kitten from our friend’s house.  When everything is set up and ready at home, I’ll tell Kailer it’s time to come home for his early Christmas gift.  He’ll never expect it to be the kitten, and I can’t wait to see his reaction!!! 😀



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