The Kitten Conflict: Locking Horns


This day is flying by.  It’s already 1:00pm and I’ve gotten exactly no housework done.  All I can think about is my Kailer, and what I can do to help him.  Of all the options, the one I canèt help focussing on is the kitten.  A few weeks back, Kailer rescued a kitten from the winter elements.  Mike and I had agreed we would have no pets in the house, so while Kailer was at a friend’s house, we brought her to our friend’s house.  He was absolutely crushed.  He hadn’t even gotten to say good-bye.  Unfortunately things aren’t working out at her new home, as she’s getting picked on by a Chihuahua.  So we found a new home for her, but she would be a barn cat instead.  Kailer overheard Mike and I discussing this new placement, and protested.  The kitten still hasn’t gone to the barn home, but Kailer’s  behavior had now become aggressive and threatening.  From these facts, I can only assume that his feeling of being betrayed over the kitten is what’s sparking all these negative changes.  So I’ve been pleading with Mike to take the kitten back here with us, at least for a bit, to test this theory.  So far, he isn’t budging, but this is too important for me to back down on.  I love and respect my husband, and normally we make decisions together.  I feel terrible having to dishonor him in this decision, but because my babies have been threatened, this time I’m desperate to win this battle.

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