Today’s To-Do List


Today my goal is to clean the entire house from top to bottom.  It’s my act of love for Mike’s 12 Days Of Christmas, so there’s extra incentive for me to get it done 😀  Anywho, here’s my list for today – it’s long, but I have just under 8 hours to get it done, so off I go!


  • do dishes
  • take out trash/recycling
  • advertise baby swing for sale
  • sweep, vacuum & mop floor
  • clear & clean counters

Dining Room:   DONE

  • clear & clean table
  • sweep, vacuum & mop floor
  • organize paper scrapbooks


  • do laundry
  • take out trash
  • vacuum & mop floor
  • clean shower, sink and toilet
  • declutter & organize toiletries

Living Room:

  • declutter & organize my computer desk
  • vacuum & mop floor
  • organize toys

Kaleb’s Room:

  • declutter & organize toys
  • put all clothes away
  • store unnecessary items

Kailer/ Kayden’s Room:

  • declutter & organize dresser tops
  • declutter & organize closet


  • declutter & organize
  • vacuum & mop floor

Master Bedroom:

  • put all clothes away
  • organize room
  • do laundry
  • vacuum


  • declutter & organize
  • vacuum

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