Mike’s 12 Days Of Christmas – Day 1


A friend of mine inspired me to do this project called the 12 Days Of Christmas.  Each of the 12 days leading up to/ and including Christmas day, she does something extra special to show her husband how much she loves and appreciates him.  I’ve decided to take that idea and make it my own 🙂  Each day, I’ll be giving Mike a gift and offering him an act of love, and I’ll be scrapbooking the process.  I haven’t decided yet if I’ll tell him what I’m doing or not, but either way, I know he’ll appreciate it 😀

Today is the first of the 12 days, and I’m really excited about beginning this project.  I’m starting by writing him a love letter as my gift, and cleaning the entire house as my act of kindness.  I’m looking forward to the results 😀  The letter will be the easy part, as I articulate well, and I enjoy gushing about my man 😀  It’s the house cleaning with 2 youngins’ under toe that will be the real challenge 😀


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