Not Good, But It’s A Morning…


Oh what a crazy morning!  Kailer must have snuck some candies during the night.  He was at his Oma’s for the weekend, and she sent a bag-full home that I didn’t know about.  Thank you 😦  So my Kailer was out of control this morning, and ended up missing his bus and having to walk to school.  Kaleb has been talking and wining non-stop all morning, and wants to eat everything and anything in sight 🙂  Then there’s baby Kayden.  He’s teething and has the runs.  In the chaos of the morning, I forgot to burp him after his bottle, and he ended up throwing up all over the place.  His bath water was chunky and absolutely disgusting!  Now Kailer’s off to school, Kayden’s down for his morning cat nap and I’m cleaning up grossness while Kaleb chows down on snacks and watches cartoons.  Oh wow, this better not be the prelude to an insane day.Well, baby’s rolled onto his tummy in his crib and is stuck there crying, so I gotta run 🙂


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