Minimalist Monday – Decluttering With Kitten Under Foot


Welcome to another Minimalist Monday 🙂

Today I’m gathering up everything that needs to be sold or donated, organizing it, and getting it out of the house asap.  The tricky part is the kitten 😦  Kailer brought the stray home a little while ago, and she’s decided this is now her home.  It’s not.  The boys keep letting her inside though – even Mike, who says he doesn’t want any pets at this time 🙂  She’s adorable, but she just adds to the chaos, and now that we have our Christmas tree up, when she’s in the house, ornaments are constantly being knocked off of it.  I promised Kailer that when we have a bigger place in the country, we’ll have pets, but at this time, it’s just not a good idea.


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