Confession: Part 2 – adult ADHD/OCD?


A thought just crossed my mind, and I’m not a fan of it.  Could I be struggling with adult ADHD?  Oh boy 😦  My husband is the one with mental illniss in his family, and I’ve been comfortable letting him carry that burdon, while I’m his support.  Our son has been diagnosed as having ADHD, and we just assumed it was passed down from Mike.  The truth is that I don’t know much about my family history, as I was in foster care growing up.  But the more I think about it, the more it makes since that I may have ADHD as well.  I struggled the entire way through school, and even showed signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).  I’ve always known that my struggle to keep up with life is unusual, but always figured it was possibly a mind case of Fetal Alchohal Effect (FAE).  I wasn’t hyper, but the ADD syptoms fit too well.  My OCD symptoms include

  • equalityl – cereal amounts that I chew on each side of my mouth (past & current)
  • Turning – If I turn one way, I feel the urge to turn the other way to even if out (controllable)
  • symmetry – Unsymmetrical layouts annoy me (controllable)
  • folding – If I’m given a paper to write on, I will fold it in half first (past & current)

This is something I will definitely do research on, but it does explain a whole lot – Why I feel overwhelmed by chaos, have the mentality that if it’s not going to be perfect, I can’t do it, and am the most ambitious when I get a caffeine surge..  Yikes!  Needing prayer for this one please 🙂


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