Confession: Obsession Redirection


On days like today, I’m very thankful that I chose to graduate.  I did so with a marketing major, which I have never regretted.  I definitely have a business mind, and the drive in this area.   One flaw that’s been born of that combination though is that when I see a business venture, I tend to become overbearing and one-track minded.  I have a bit of an obsessiveness when it comes to business.  This became apparent to me when my husband sat down with me and asked me gently to back off when it comes to his photography business.  He said he is content where he is, and my obsessiveness and pushing to become beginning to suck the fun out of what he does.  Wow.  I had never even stopped to consider that he may not want to expand.  I was taught that you never settle in business, but strive to grow and branch out when and where possible.  So his statement was a pretty big shock to me.  I wasn’t insulted or anything like that, just shocked.

So I’ve decided to transfer my obsession to my own projects – being a housewife and opening a home daycare.  Redirection can be pretty great, especially when it comes out of love 🙂  Thank you sweetness!


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