Confession: I’m A Lazy Friend


Yep, it’s true, I’m a lazy friend.  I’m friendly, but when I make friends, I don’t tend to nurture that friendship as I should.  Case and point – my 3 closest girl friends from school.   Here’s the story:

I had just moved, and was now the new kid in the third grade.  A small group of girls immediately welcomed me into their circle.  We became inseparable throughout elementary school.  Our group of friends grew in junior high, but we remained close.  I moved to a different town in the summer I was sixteen, and that’s when everything changed.  The group of my three friends remained closely bonded, but it was harder for me to hang out with them due to the distance.  Too suddenly, the distance between us grew to be more than just physical, and eventually, we stopped communicating altogether.  I see the girls now and then around town, as I’ve moved back to my hometown, but there’s an awkwardness now.

Today I met up with two of the three girls at a play group where we brought out kids.  I ached to hug them and apologize for my part in our friendship breakdown, but I didn’t.  Instead, I held polite conversation and small talk.  Now that I’m here at home, I see what a coward I was, and how I yet again, allowed a great oportunity slip through my fingers.  NOT AGAIN!  This has been a regret for far too long, and it’s time I do something about it.  Starting today, I vow to invest in the lives of my friends, and be proactive in nurturing my friendships, because they are precious.



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