Financial Freedom Friday


Today’s Financial Freedom Friday tip is for all you parents…baby food.  It’s an expensive necessity if you buy it at the store, whereas making your own baby food is less expensive, and you know exactly what your child is eating.  You control the ingredients and consistency of each meal, and you can put meals together without having opened baby food jars in the refrigerator.  My little guy is just under 6 months, so this baby food thing is quickly becoming a big part of my life.  The steps for making your own baby food are simple.

  1. make a meal for your family
  2. set some aside without spices
  3. puree non-spiced food with blender
  4. pour blended food into an ice cube tray
  5. put food ice cubes into Zip-lock baggie
  6. label baggies with food and date

Using this method, you’re saving money, space, being environmentally friendly, and health conscious in regard to what your baby is eating.


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  1. Or, you could always just leave the spices in (depending how old the child is). That way they grow up with the spices/herbs and it still tastes great! Just nothing too spicy 🙂

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