Confession – I’m A Procrastinating Perfectionist


It may not seem that way by reading my blog, but I am the most active procrastinator I know.  It’s a fact that I’m ashamed of, and fight on a daily basis – and yet, it remains a part of who I am.  I use the term procrastination loosely, as it seems to incorporate a number of issues I struggle with, and isn’t just laziness, as most people assume.

By walking into my house, you’d smack me for saying this, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist.  I don’t come across as a controlling person, and in a social setting I’m not.  But when it comes to things I’m put in charge of, I don’t work well with others 🙂  If I have a task, I like to do it my way, and if I know the result won’t be what I’ve envisioned, I tend to give up before I start.  Why put the effort in if it’s not gonna work out anyway? It sounds terrible, and it’s irrational – but like I said, this way of thinking only comes into play with things, and not people.  My close friends and family can definitely attest to this 🙂

Another big part of my procrastination problem is my poor memory.  I’ve had a bad memory as long as I can remember 😀  I realized how silly that sounded as I was typing it 😀  Anywho, my lack of memory capacity may or may not stem from childhood trauma, but either way, as a wife and mother, it’s a really inconvenient thing to be dealing with.  Today, I’m taking a proactive step to curb the negative results that occur due to my procrastination.

I LOVE lists, and they work well for me, so lists I will enlist! 😀  This includes my meals, shopping, daily tasks, daily routines, family activities, etc.  I’m an out-of-sight-out-of-mind kind of girl, so these lists will be placed in plain view, as tacky as it may seem 🙂  If it helps me be a better wife and mother, it’s worth the funny looks I’m sure I’ll get 😀  So off I go to list make!  Wish me luck 😀


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