Tackle It Tuesday – Photo-proofing


Sorry, I missed MM yesterday.  Kayden’s teething, so if he wasn’t eating or having a cat nap, he was screaming.  The only thing that would calm him was holding him while I walked from one end of the house to the other over and over.  We tried Ori-gel, baby Tylenol and having him chew on a cold cloth – nothing but walking would sooth him, which left blogging time at a minimal.  My oldest and youngest are asleep now, and Kaleb is watching a movie, so I have some time to myself.

Today’s Tackle is to photo proof my entire main floor today.  To me, this means that at any time, I can take a picture of the kids, and not be embarrassed about what’s in the background.  Strangely enough, I’m looking forward to the process 🙂


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