Tackle It Tuesday – Packing Up The Pooch


Yikes, it’s a little wild around here, but I’m behind on my blogging, so for this moment, blogging is my priotity 🙂  Our sweet little Chica is going to her new home today.  I had misunderstood that it was going to be yesterday, but it’s actually today.  She’s been with us since 8 weeks old, and she is now 6.5 years old, so we’re pretty emotional about the transition.  The good news is that she’s going to a friends’ house, so we’ll be able to visit her, and even petsit when my friend is out of town.  It was a really hard decision that I’ve been battling with for about a year now.

So today I’m washing her clothes and bedding and gathering all her belingings from around the house, so it’s not a drawn-out good-bye.  Some of you may be thinking this is a pretty silly thing to be so worked up about, but Chica’s been a big part of our lives, especially the boys’.  She has been our security gaurd, baby sitter when I’m out of the room, playmate, “daughter”, snuggle buddy, and wonderful companion.  She’s sweet, smart and attentive.  She’s protective over us, and has even barked to get my attention when baby Kayden was scootching out of his seat at 2 weeks old.  We love her and will miss her very much ❤


Well, she’s gone to her new home.  Tears were shed, and we’ve each begun to deal with the loss in our own way.  Kailer (8) is quiet and a bit upset with me, Kaleb (3) is quieter but easily distracted, and I’ve immersed myself in cleaning.  I keep calling her out of habit, even though I know she’s not here.  It’s obvious that this will take a while for me to get used to.  I plan to wait a little while before I go see her.  I need to get used to the idea that she now belongs to someone else, and that’s hard (tear).


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