I’ve been toying with the idea of having another baby.  I ran the idea past Mike, and we’re gonna talk about it this evening.  As I’m the only girl in a house full of boys, I’ve decided that especially if we want to add another baby, I’m going to have to simplify things in order to stay organized and make my own life easier.

Today during nap time, Kaleb (my 2 year old) came out of his room and said he had to go potty.  I was feeding Kayden, so I told Kaleb to go ahead, since he can get on the toilet on his own.  When I was done feeding Kayden, I went to the bathroom to help Kaleb  and found poop everywhere!  No biggie, the bathroom is easy to disinfect 🙂  As I was bent over helping Kaleb take his shirt off so he could take a shower, he reached over and began playing with my hair.  I told him to stop, which he did, but not before saying “See, now dares poop on yo head Mommy”.  Breath, I’m washable too.  So after all the poop was washed off, I put a clean diaper on Kaleb and told him to hop into bed, to which he responded “No, it’s yucky on my bed!”  I went in expecting more poop, but to my horror found an opened bottle of paint water(made my my 8year old, opened my my 2 year old)  spilling out onto the bed and soaking through, on to the laminate floor.  Breath, it’s just water-based finger paint.  So, I cleaned the puddle on the floor and washed as much bedding as possible.  I’ll get Mike to use our appolstry cleaner to clean the mattress later on.

Chaos?  check.

So today I’m going through the toys, selling, storing and donating, until a reasonable amount is left in the room.  Breath


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