Kayden Is 9 Weeks


Today marks the end of Kayden’s 9th week with us 🙂  He’s growing and developing so quickly.  Today he weighs 14 pounds 13 ounces.  He sleeps through the night and smiles and coos all the time 😀 This has been Kayden’s first week as an infant as opposed to a newborn!

This next week I can expect Kayden to begin practicing muscle control and coordination.  It may seem that he is less active, but that only because he’s not just flailing around anymore.  He will begin batting at toys (doing this) and doing “baby pushups”.  Some babies even begin to roll over at this time.  He is still tolerant and accepting of everyone because he isn’t able to make the family/friend connections yet.  Studies show that older siblings (ages 4+) are usually more accepting of a new baby, while a toddler will see him as an intruder.  This is not so with my boys at this time.  Both Kailer and Kayden adore Kayden, though Kaleb my 2 year old does sometimes tell me to put Kayden down so we can play.

I’m looking forward to it all 😀


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