For the last two nights Mike and I have been up with a very cranky baby. Last night the crying began around 10:00pm, and didn’t stop until about 11:30pm. The night before we were up around 1:30am, for 2 hours. The only thing that seems to sooth him is if I wrap him tight and hold him while I pace the floor jiggling him and patting his bum. As you can imagine, this gets a little tiring. Last night Mike did some research on colic, and we found some interesting facts. For example, one of the possible causes is the baby’s sensitivity to the mother’s stress level. This caught my attention, because for the last 2 days, I’ve been very emotional and feeling overwhelmed. I think I may have a touch of the “baby blues”, which may have triggered Kayden’s colic, and the colic in return is raising my stress level. So far today’s been good, but if it turns sour again, I’m gonna get myself some meds. As well as the stress, Kayden seems to be having some tummy troubles. He’s on formula and should be having daily bowel movements, but he’s not. He only has a bowel movement about every 3 days, and I’m having to stimulate him. So we’re giving him pro-biotics in his bottle to encourage the movement of any stool in his intestinal tract. I was also told to massage his tummy in clockwise circles to get things moving. As well as these things, I’m putting an all-natural oil called Schlagwasser on his tummy and temples to sooth any headaches or tummy aches Kayden may be dealing with, and Mike will be home in a few minutes with gripe water for his tummy as well. We’re doing everything we can to help our sweet baby boy, so hopefully it pays off shortly.


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