Kayden at 5 Weeks


Baby Kayden is 5 weeks old today and doing amazingly!
He’s holding his head for extended periods of time, responding to noises by turning his head, and seems to be able to recognize my voice, although I have a bios opinion of that last “fact” 🙂  He’s not a huge fan of tummy time, as he seems to find it more useful as a napping position..  He’s on a new formula, which is the same stuff we had our other boys on when they were young, but he seems to be having trouble having bowel movements, so I’m having to stimulate him every few days.  Kailer and Kaleb are both still enjoying having him around, and are very gentle and protective over him.  Mike put Kayden in his baby swing for the first time this past Tuesday, and Kayden seems to enjoy it.  He’s staying awake during the day more, but still eating and sleeping for the most part.  On average he drinks 4 ounces of formula per feeding, but it has been up to 6 ounces at times.  He’s over 11 pounds already.  As of this past Tuesday, he weighed 11 pounds 8 ounces before a feeding.  He’s smiling a little more, but is just content to be alert and look around for the most part when he’s awake.  He’s also beginning to use his voice, which is absolutely adorable 🙂

– very proud mommy


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