Weight Loss Wednesday – I Am A Loser!


Today I weighed in at 160lbs on the line!!!
I managed to shimmy into my favorite pair of pre-preggo jeans this week (worn in the photo), which gives me a muffin-top look, but also makes me a very happy lady!  I’ve been doing some low impact tummy toners while watching TV in the evenings and spring cleaning, but that’s absolutely all I’ve changed.  The tummy toner workout is as simple as it gets.  I lie on my back with my palms on the floor under my butt, feet on the floor and my knees bent.  Then all I do is use my tummy muscles to pull my knees up to my chest and then using the same muscles lower my feet back down to the floor, and repeat as much as I want.  Because it is a low impact workout, you can do it almost absentmindedly without working up a gross sweat, and still see results.  This gives me hope and a renewed positive attitude 🙂


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