Thrush and Diabetes


Well, this isn’t a fabulous way to start the week, but I have some less-then-wonderful news iincluding Oral Thrush and Diabetes.
It looks like my little one has a case of thrush.  Due to my low vision, I didn’t notice it, but my auntie was holding him yesterday evening and said it looked like he had a thick white layer on his tongue.  When we got home Mike looked into his mouth with a flashlight and confirmed her suspicion.  Poor sweet baby.  I’m beginning to treat him with pro-biotic today and will take him to see a doctor if it doesn’t clear up. If it’s left too long it can cause his tongue to become really raw and sensative, and can travel through his body and cause a really bad diaper rash as well, so it’s very important to keep an eye on this.
Secondly, I tested my blood sugar yesterday and today as soon as I got up (before I ate anything), and both times my levels were above 7, when it should normally be around 4.  This is a bad sign, and may mean that I will have to continue to take insulin for night so that my levels aren’t so elevated in the mornings.  My daytime levels are fine, but just like when I was pregnant, it’s just my morning numbers that are a bit out of control.
Due to my having gestational diabetes, we’re very careful to watch our boys for signs of childhood diabetes.  We had Kailer tested just over a year ago, and he was negative, but now Kaleb is showing signs.  Kaleb is drinking lots, which is the first sign to watch for, so we’ll be getting him tested as well.  Hopefully he’s just growing and wants to feel full between meals and snacks, but it’s definitely worth checking out.


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