Weight Loss Wednesday – Staying


For the third week in a row I’m still 165 pounds – not gaining and not losing.  I’m now done being content 🙂  This coming week I’m going to be a little more proactive in my weight loss efforts, while still being careful not to overdo it on my body, since I am still recovering from squeezing out a 9 pound child 🙂  Ièm noticing that my tummy muscles are very slowly becoming a little more toned, but that too will take a while 🙂


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  1. I should join you in your weight loss. I have no desire to work out, or stop eatting as much. :S but i do want a smaller body. On really beautiful days, i wish i would go out and walk, you 165 lbs is not bad. lol i would love to be 165 lbs. iam over 200lbs. I wish you the best of luck.

    • I’d love company on this new journey 😀 I hear you about not having the desire to work out or give up the yummies 🙂 My biggest secret weapon is Spark People. It’s a website where you can track everything from your journaling and goals to your caloric intake and nutriments value, weight loss graphs, inches lost etc. Ièm legally blind, so I can’t do the whole label reading to find out what’s in my food, but on this site you just click the food you want to eat, and all the info is right there already. I learned during my pregnancy that a high protein low simple carb diet is a fantastic way to keep the pounds off – that and water. There’s no simple answer, and we all need encouragement on the way. For now I’m shooting for a 2 pound loss, so that I feel like my efforts are paying off. What’s your short-term goal for next Weight Loss Wednesday 🙂

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