Mike got me a digital scrapbooking program this past Christmas.  It’s wonderful and saves so much space and money 🙂  For now I’m working on my pregnancy and Kayden’t first year, but eventually I’d like to do digital scrapbooks for Kailer and Kaleb as well, and get rid of all my paper and physical scrapbooking supplies.  In order to keep Kayden’s scrapbook from getting too overwhelming or huge, I’m going to pre-organize it the best I can.

Year 1:

  • Birth Day
  • hand & foot prints
  • gifts and such
  • grand parents’ pages
  • first bath
  • April – Easter
  • family portraits
  • May – spring
  • June – outings
  • July – Canada Day
  • first taste of baby cereal
  • August – summer fairs/festivals
  • September – Autumn
  • October – Halloween
  • November – snow
  • December – Christmas
  • January – New Year’s celebration
  • February – Valentine’s Day
  • first taste of table food
  • March – St. Patrick’s Day

Of course this is just a template.  There will be lots of adorable photo moments that just don’t fit into these categories, but this is a great start 🙂


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