No more nursing


Kayden is 2 weeks old today, and today is also the day Mike and I sat down and came to an agreement…to stop breast feeding.  I’ve been having troubles since day 1 – a bad latch, sore and cracked nipples, a bad breast infection, and the impending thrush from the antibiotics I’m on for the infection 😦  I’ve been pumping instead of nursing due to the pain, but my milk supply is dwindling fast.  I’ve been wanting to stop nursing for a few days now, but it just felt like such a selfish decision to make on my own, so I told Mike I wanted his opinion.  He said that he would support me either way, but that he sees the pain that nursing is causing, and it’s more stress than a time for bonding, so he was totally fine with it if I wanted to stop.  So, that’s what we decided would be best in this situation.  I’ve gotta say, as much as I wanted to nurse Kayden, at this point I’m relieved not to have to.  Now I can concentrate on healing and not worry about my milk drying up.  Ièll nurse him for the last time tomorrow morning, and then itès straight formula for our little man.


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