I finally got my butt to the doctor’s office this morning, after a week of dealing with a mounting breast infection from clogged milk ducts, 3 days with a headache, chills and sweats from the infection, and some pretty nasty hemorrhoids.  I got s prescription for treatment of my breast infection and cream for my hemorrhoids.  If I can get those tow things cleared up, I will be a very happy WAHM.  I took 2 Acetaminophen around 11:00am, and then my first Cephalexin (prescription) pill at 1:00pm, and my 3 day headache has finally subsided enough to allow me to function normally.  So hopefully I’ll be able to get the house back to some sort of state of normalcy 🙂
I think the infection started as a bad latch during nursing.  Kayden doesn’t take enough of my breast into his mouth, which causes my nipples to become really raw.  He’s also a lazy nurser, so he wasn’t emptying my breasts, and I didn’t realize that I should have been pumping the rest out.  Due to this combination, my milk ducts became clogged for too long, and are now really infected.  I began supplementing with formula about a week ago, which made a huge difference in Kaydens schedule.  He stopped cluster feeding at night, and only woke up once (4:00am) to eat, and then back to sleep until 8:00am.  I still pump and add it to his formula as well as nursing him, because I do want to nurse successfully, but it’s looking pretty grim, especially since these pills raise my risk of developing thrush, which would put an end to nursing.  But we’ll keep going while we can 🙂


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