Bilirubin – Against The Odds


My pregnancy was great, but Kayden’s blood sugar crashed when he was born, due to my having gestational diabetes.  Like a champ though, he pulled through and recovered quickly, managing to stabilize his own blood sugar levels within 2 days.  Now we have a new nemesis – Bilirubin.  We’re getting ready to head to the hospital with Kayden for yet another blood test, which involved the lab technician poking a hole in Kayden’s heel and squeezing the blood into a tube for testing.  It hurts him a lot, and makes me cry.  My heart aches for our sweet baby boy, but I know the tests are necessary in order to keep him safe.  This can be a very serious condition with some major side effects, so it has to be monitored, and treated if need be.  Today we made sure Kayden got plenty of milk, vitamin D and time in the sun, so we’ll see if our efforts will have paid off when the test results come back.  I’ll update you as soon as I can.
The results are in, and they are looking good.  The doctor said the numbers are going down and we should just keep doing what we’re doing.  This means no more heal-poke tests.  Sounds like a plan to me 🙂


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