Confessions Of A WAHM: Roller Coaster Anticipation


Today’s confession:  I’m a gracious mother, but not a patient woman.

My ultrasound is in 9 days, and I’m absolutely climbing the walls with anticipation!  It’s like sitting at the top of a huge roller coaster, and waiting for that wild rush!  Everything about this pregnancy is so different than my other two, and that seems to just add to my anxious excitement.  I haven’t heard the heartbeat yet or know how far along I am, so the ultrasound will answer so many questions – the biggest of course being, boy or girl 😀  Until I know the gender, I can’t decorate or fill the draws with tiny adorable clothes or shop or pick a name…

If it’s a boy, I’d like to decorate the nursery with Baby Pooh & Friends or zoo babies/Noah’s Ark, but if it’s a girl, maybe ladybugs or pink & mocha, or purple and white…so many choices.  I’ve just gotta know! 🙂


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