Minimalist Monday – Dining Room Table


Today I’m clearing the dining room table.  Society is putting less and less emphasis on family, and more and more on promoting the busy lifestyle.  This means less families are eating together at the ding room table, including mine.  We were doing well for a while, but have fallen back into our eat-anywhere habit.  Our table is one of those catch-all spots.  It’s a beautiful table, and it’s a shame we don’t use it as much as we should bust because it’s always covered with “stuff”.

Maybe because it’s autumn, or it may be the pregnancy, but I’m determined to get this place in shape!  I know what I want it to look like, but we have so much STUFF, and so many bad habits to break.  It’s gonna be an uphill battle, but I’m not giving up.  There are days when I want to put it all in a dumpster, but that won’t salve the issue of our bad habits, so the battle continues, and I’m up for it!

Here’s the plan for the table:

  1. clear off table
  2. clean table
  3. dust dining room light
  4. sort and put away table clutter
  5. redecorate and set table

Off I go!


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