Change Is Good


Change is good, and I not only embrace it, I encourage it and entice it 🙂  Be it change of season, change of address, change of clothes, whatever it is, I’m all for it!  One of the things I especially love about living in Manitoba Canada is our change of seasons.  Autumn will be upon us in 5 days and I can barely wait.  The crunch of the leaves, the crisp evening air, bond fires and the spectacular colors are just amazing!  Plus it means that Christmas is on its way.  Most people dread fall and winter, but I suffer from a disorder called hypothyroidism where heat, especially humidity  causes me to sweat all spring and summer, and I’m just not a fan of perspiration.  So bring on the cool seasons!
I’m stuck inside for the majority of the summer, so now with fall almost here, I’m getting outside, exercising and cleaning.  Oh man, it’s Minimalist Monday, and I have some decluttering to do 🙂


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